Dignidad humana


Investigating the UNFPA

by Steven Mosher and Colin Mason (2.X.2008)

We are entering a challenging time for the pro-life movement. Barack Obama will soon take office and, if his rhetoric is any guide, he is determined to overturn existing pro-life policies and promote abortion both at home and abroad. Specifically, Obama has promised the abortion movement that he will refund the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). Over the years, this United Nations agency has been implicated in horrible human rights abuses in country after country. From China to Peru, from Vietnam to North Korea, we at PRI have documented how the UNFPA has been complicit in forced abortion and sterilization campaigns. In fact, it is largely because of our groundbreaking investigations of the UNFPA's activities that the Bush Administration has refused to fund the UNFPA for the past seven years. This victory for life and family may soon be undone, however. To help meet this challenge we at PRI have launched a new video series entitled "Exposing the UNFPA: Investigative Realism from PRI." In this series of short, informative videos we document how the UNFPA is driven by its determination to control the world's population, even if this means running roughshod over human rights. Most Americans don't know this. Not a few believe--wrongly--that the UNFPA is a benevolent organization that simply promotes voluntary "reproductive health" programs throughout the world. We need your help to expose its true purpose and activities. PRI has already produced the first two videos in the "Exposing the UNFPA" series, and we will be producing two more before the end of the year. The videos are available on our YouTube page: www.youtube.com/colinpri1. These videos must be sent to the people who need to see them, but we cannot do this without your help. We need you to tell your friends and family about these videos. We need you to post them on your blog or Facebook, and to email them to friends and acquaintances--even if they are pro-choice. The videos are also available on DVD. Just call, e-mail, or write our office and we will send you a free DVD. With your help we can keep the UNFPA out of the taxpayer's pocketbook, and out of the lives of innocents abroad.

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